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"Horace" the pizza catering horsebox.

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Right off the bat, I'll apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes. English was never my strong suit. I make a mean pizza though! This is my first blog and hopefully, time permitting, one of many. If anything - I love the social side of catering so it'll be nice to share with you guys. So on with the story of Horace!

I've got it, a rice horsebox! Perfect!!! (Eeeeeek). Well let me just say this catering horsebox was a real labour of love. Every moment that wasn't spent at an event or prepping for an event, was spent outside working on the horsebox which we have named, "Horace".

Garden catering horsebox
Well I pulled it in to the garden - I was very popular with Victoria (my wife).

It's not what you know!

Fortunately for me, I know quite a few handy people... Mainly Hedge! I'd been spending several weeks talking to people in the know and picking their brains for layouts. Then going away and sketching my own ideas on how the kitchen layout was going to work. It was time to take the plunge... Hedge and Myself equipped with power tools began stripping and reshaping this horsebox to what Knead'n'Feed required from it. Namely, serving hatches, counters, sinks, fridges, washing facilities, lighting, a very heavy pizza oven. Not much then...

Customising a rice horsebox for mobile catering.
Sections cut, horsebox stripped... Hedge priming. Legend.

With the legend having fit the base structure for the oven it was time to get one ordered. There was only ever going to be one place to call on for this and that was the expert, Jay at 'Bushman wood fired ovens'. I've bought a few ovens from Jay and they are brilliant. The next thing to get me scratching my head was how on earth are we going to get an oven to above waist height in a horsebox that weighs the best part of half a ton.... Anyone know Jeff Capes? Jay, help....

It was really taking shape and we were getting all the finishing touches together. David, my brother-in-law. Jack of all trades really came through with getting the water system in place, hydraulics and other exterior work. What Horace really needs now is a sign. I wanted something rustic and out of wood that could sit on top and really add to the look of Horace. Something to suit all occassions. Up stepped Reused and Rustic. I'll let you be the judge, we love them!

Structure and furnishings finished, oven in, signs up. We are finished. It took several months, new skills learnt but Horace is finished. My wife has now stopped calling me step toe and the garden is back!!! We absolutely love Horace. He's been out on the road and has served many, many people. He loves getting bunting out and fairy lights up for peoples weddings and parties.

Wood fired mobile catering horsebox. Pizza caterer Leeds, Yorkshire
Horace in the sun at Wetherby Races.

Thanks for reading, it's been nice to put Horace story on and see it again from start to finish.


Ready for any location in the Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Wakefield, Harrogate, Yorkshire, Humberside, Tyneside area that needs authentic wood fired pizza mobile catering.

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